LOVE your Website!! My question is; Can you teach someone Common Sense even though it is painfully obvious the person does not have any?

Author’s Reply

* Thank you for the positive feedback.

* Yes! Common Sense can be taught!

* I taught Common Sense for 14 years at the Middlesex County, N.J., Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies, grades 9-12; with great success. My curriculum for Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technologies was based on a new definition for Common Sense (ref. Post #2).

* While I believe Common Sense can be taught at any point in the life cycle, the best place to start is from 6 weeks into a pregnancy to 5 years of life; when 90% of brain development takes place. During that period the child mimics the sounds they hear and the behaviors they see. When a child enters the world it already has a sense of its environment and the things in that environment. Parents and family  must set a proper example by applying the principles of Common Sense to everyday life.

* In my first book…Remaking America Is Up To You, pages 37-40…I outlined a curriculum for Common Sense that covers the life cycle from womb to tomb.

* Regarding the people who have a severe case of No Common Sense; they can not hear if they do not listen. In those cases, teaching by example is the best chance for success.