COVID-19 is here to stay, it is not going away. There are those who don’t believe it to be real and there are those who act responsibly in regards to family, friends, co-workers and others. Then there are those who only think about themselves even when it involves members of their own Family!!

This is VERY perplexing to me as the safety of family members, especially the unvaccinated ones, is paramount. So when there are people in the same family who refuse to test because of how it would affect their immediate family ONLY, is disgusting.

While testing is not 100%, it provides another layer of assurance that the chance of infecting those Family members who are not vaccinated, is decreased.

To choose no to test for those unvaccinated Family members because of their own selfish reasons, is problematic and will make Holidays and get togethers more difficult to plan.

Common Sense would be, to test prior to getting together with any unvaccinated Family members to aid in the goal of keeping them safe.


Author’s Comment…The “Right Thing” will never be the same for everyone. Negotiating an acceptalbe “Right Thing” in a group situation will never be easy until America makes a new definition for Common Sense an integral part of our core values (Ref. Author’s Post #1 and #2). If you need to make a decision, plan an event or project, design a new product or process, design the future, or just do the “Right Thing”; first you must learn from the past and understand the present. That can not happen with America’s current definition for Common Sense!