Whether making decisions or solving problems, the following guidelines will never let you down.

* The new definition for Common Sense (Ref. Post #2).

* You do not have a process until it is definable, repeatable, and measurable.

* Never underestimate the power of a negative.

*The greatest barriers to innovation are vested interest and inertia.

* The root cause of any problem is one, or any combination, of three factors: Common Sense is not common practice…Trying to be sophisticated before excelling at the basics…Not being a change agent.

* If you focus on Customer Satisfaction and Profit, everything else will fall into place (Ref. Post #10).

* The LoGo for the Common Sense Crusade website indicates that: Good won’t be fast…Good won’t be cheap…Fast won’t be cheap.

* Before designing the future you must learn from the past and understand the present.

* The characteristics of a person with Common Sense are: Focus the mind…Grasp the situation…Use the power of approximation.

* Do it right the first time.

* There are three performance levels for any process.

1. Baseline…results obtained with the current equipment, materials, technology, and manpower.

2. Entitlement…results obtained from optimization of current equipment, materials, technology, and manpower.

3. Benchmark…results being obtained by the leader in the field, or outside of the field; via new paradigms for equipment, materials, technology, and manpower. You must think “outside the box” to achieve benchmark performance.

* You can not solve a problem until you accept the fact that you have a problem!