Post #21 gave you the opportunity to grade Congress’ performance with respect to what they pledged to do when they took their oath of office.

1. Form a more perfect union.

2. Establish justice.

3. Insure domestic tranquility.

4. Provide for the common defense.

5. Promote the general welfare.

6. Secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

My grades…6 Fs… were based on the following negative characteristics of America’s current culture.

* Common Sense is not common practice. We do not know what Common Sense is.

* We have a dysfunctional government.

* We have a dysfunctional election process.

* We have a dysfunctional foreign policy.

* We have a dysfunctional immigration policy.

* We have a dysfunctional criminal justice system.

* We have a dysfunctional taxation system.

* We have a mediocre education system.

* We have inadequate gun control.

* We have an inadequate defense against cyber attacks.

* We have corruption and immorality everywhere.

* We have a military action culture.

* We have disease care, not health care.

 * We suppress innovation to benefit special-interest groups.

* We suffer from civic ignorance.

* We tolerate racism.

* We support abuses of power.

* We value profit over people.

* Our infrastructure is crumbling.

* Our veterans are dying while waiting to see a doctor.

* Our workforce is not prepared to function in a global economy fueled by super technology.

I wonder how many members of Congress can list the six objectives they pledged to address when they took their oath of office?



* How do they compare with your grades?

* Discuss the results with your friends and family.