The preamble of the Constitution clearly presents the to-do list for the members of Congress and the President.

1. Form a more perfect union.

2. Establish justice.

3. Insure domestic tranquility.

4. Provide for the common defense.

5. Promote the general welfare.

6. Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Let’s take a look at how Congress is doing with what they pledged to do in their oath of office; let’s create a Report Card. Give Congress a letter grade…A-B-C-D or F…for each of the six responsibilities presented above.

1. Are we a united country? GRADE___

2. Is our justice system fair? Are the laws and punishment for breaking the laws the same for everyone? GRADE___

3. Are you calm, serene, free from disturbance or agitation, peaceful, placid, etc. GRADE___

4. Are we defending our borders, defending against terrorism beyond and within our borders, defending against cyberattacks, and defending democracy? GRADE___

5. Are we happy with our educational, financial, career, and retirement opportunities? GRADE___

6. Is our government of, by, and for the people? GRADE___

Review the results with your friends and familly and remember; it was the votes of “we the people” that filled the seats of Congress. WE CAN REMOVE AND REPLACE THE CURRENT SEAT HOLDERS WITH OUR VOTES! KNOW WHO, AND WHAT, YOU ARE VOTING FOR!