There are two  metrics that are critical to business success; Customer Satisfaction and Profit. If the proper focus is placed on those metrics all other activities will fall into place.


1. Satisfy Individual Needs.

2. Communicate With Individuals.

* What do you want?

* When do you want it?

* How  much will you pay?

* How are we doing?…what works?…What does not?…What should change?

3. Continuous Feedback Loop.


 Utilization of Human Resources.

* Every person must be engaged in a value-added activity.

* Everyone has ideas for doing it better. Listen to, and discuss, each idea.

* Say thank you often.


 * Know where the $ goes and how it is used.

* Only spend on value-added activities.

* Self-fund all operations with an appropriate % of profits.


* Do it right the first time.

* Process simplification.

* Cycle time reduction.

* Defect elimination.