As my engineering career evolved, I noticed that a lot of bad decisions were being made by highly educated people. The deeper I looked into the situation it became apparent that the problem existed in all walks of life and at all levels of education. All of America agrees that Common Sense is not common practice, but nothing is being done to change that! We cannot change because we do not understand what common sense is. Let’s take a look at America’s definition for Common Sense. The contents in all dictionary definitions consists of two basic statements, containing four critical words.

1.The unreflective opinions of ordinary people

2. Sound and prudent, but often unsophisticated judgement

Unreflective…lack of thought and deliberation.

Opinion…belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge. A generally held view.

Ordinary…routine, usual, poor, inferior.

Unsophisticated…lacking complexity of structure, simple. Not worldly or wise.

It is not a paradigm that reflects the character of a global leader! It has become a very weak and uninspiring collection of words. I decided to look for a better definition.