Rented Backyard

A homeowner rented his backyard to a family for a birthday party celebration. The backyard was totally enclosed, and single-gated with a child-proof latch. It also came with an in-the-ground pool, barbeque grill, picnic tables, and lawn furniture. The family consisted of ten adults and fifteen children of elementary and middleschool age. A “Swim at your own Risk” sign was posted. The homeowner was not at home during the party.

About one hour into the party a seven year old child was missing. A frantic search of the backyard did not find the child. Some parents searched the surrounding properties in case the child had been able to leave the backyard. The owner was called and returned to the house in twenty minutes. The owner saw a shadow at the bottom of the pool. He poked at the shadow with a long aluminum pole and a hand appeared. The body of the child was removed from the bottom of the pool. Attempts to revive the child failed!


* What were the dynamics?

* Which supports and barriers were in play?

* Who, or what, won the Tug-Of-War? Why?

* Discuss the outcome with your friends and family.

* Use Post #4 as a reference for the dynamics and the relationships between supports and barriers.