Insulin Drug Cost

During 2020 a busload of diabetics went from Detroit, Michigan,USA to Windsor, Ontario, Canada (a one hour trip) to purchase the insulin they needed to stay alive. One of the people was a young man who had played football in college and refused to tell his financially strapped family that he could not afford to buy the amount of insulin that he needed. He rationed his insulin, as millions in America do. He became sick and almost died.

In Windsor, at a small neighborhood drugstore, he and the others on the bus were able to purchase the same exact insulin products for one-tenth of the price they would have had to pay in the United States. Canada, like every other major country, negotiates prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry. We do not, and we pay as much as ten times what the Canadians do. Why?



* Which supports and barriers were in play?

* What were the dynamics?

* Who, or what, won the Tug-of-War?

* Discuss the outcome with your friends and family.

* Use Post #4 as a reference for the dynamics, and the relationships, between supports and barriers.