Congress’ Debacle-2022

A recent debacle in Congress revealed two embarrassing truths about America to the world.

1. America’s government of, by, and for the people is a myth.

2. Any fool can be elected to a seat in Congress.


It took 15 votes to elect a Speaker of the House. In order to get the required votes, the candidate traded away many of the powers of the office; resulting in the weakest speaker in history. It was an ugly display of party before people, and egotism.


After the November election it was discovered that a newly elected Representative of the House had lied about most of his resume (i,e., Education, Work History, Finances, Religon, and the death of his mother) and yet he was sworn-into office! It was a slap in the face of the voters that trusted him and an ugly demonstration of egotism, ignorance, indifference, illusion, and impulse. He also demonstrated a lack of morals, intelligence, judgment, reason, foresight, thought, perception, memory, self-control, alertness, and deduction. All of the negative characteristics above were known before he was sworn-in! A person with those characteristics should not get within 10 miles of Congress, let alone sworen-in to occupy a seat in the House of Representatives. What was Congress thinking?

I wonder if dealing with the fool was delayed just to keep his vote in play during the battle for Speaker of the House? My father used to answer a foolish question with “if it was a snake it would bite you”.

Previous Posts #30, 28, 21, 19, 15, 14, and 5 deal with the above issues in detail.



* Which supports and barriers were in play?

* What were the dynamics?

* Who, or what, won the Tug-of-War?

* Discuss the outcome with your friends and family.

* Use Post #4 as a reference for the dynamics and the relationships between supports and barriers.