Workforce Skill-Sets

* America’s most important resource is its children; the future Workforce.

* America’s Workforce Skill-Sets range from manual labor to educated professionals.

How are Workforce Skill-Sets created?

1. Researchers/Scientists use Mental Skill-Sets** to convert data into knowledge.

2. Teachers create Knowledge Skill-Sets (i.e., STEM, Vocational, Arts, Political Science, Business, Social Science, etc.).

3. Project Planners select the appropriate Knowledge Skill-Sets to be the Workforce Skill-Sets for specific projects.

** Mental Skill-Sets are:


Perception…and Memory.

A rigorous, comprehensive, curriculum for Mental Skill-Sets must become an essential component of the K-12 segment of the Formal Education Process!

* Barriers to the development of Mental Skill-Sets are:

Moral Inertia…Sentimentality…Egotism…Indifference…IIlusion…and Impulse.

* To compete in a global economy, fueled by super technology, America must have a superbly educated and healthy Workforce; we don’t!

* Rigorous and comprehensive curricula are prerequisites for a superb education!



* What Mental Skill-Sets and barriers are in play?

* What are the dynamics?

* Who, or what, is winning the Tug-of-War between Mental Skill-Sets and the barriers?

* Discuss the outcome with your friends and family.