* Post #s 1-99 focused on how we got into our current mess.  Post #100 shows what we can create if we make the definition for Common Sense presented in Post #2 the core of our culture, and eliminate Civic Ignorance!


* A Congress of America’s Patriots.

* No Political Parties.

* No Electoral College.

* A superbly educated workforce.

* A healthy workforce.

*A Universal and Free Education System.

* A Universal and Free Health Care System.

* A National Curriculum for education.

* An Election Process that is simple as possible for all citizens and prevents all forms of external manipulation.

* Superior gun control.

* No glass ceilings.

* Equal Pay for Equal Work.

* Success in a global economy fueled by Super Technology.

* An efficient Immigration Policy.

* Stay-At-Home-Moms are paid a stipend for each child from birth to start of the formal education process.

* Severe punishment for immorality and corruption.

* A superb Justice System.

* Our most important resource is our children (i.e., the future workforce).

* We value people over profit and power.

* Veterans get the respect and help that they deserve.

* We welcome innovation and change.

* Workforce development is a critical priority.

* The Pentagon (i.e., the Military/Industrial Complex) operates in complete transparency; being held to the pledge that members of Congress take.

* We have moral flexibility; relating to principals of right and wrong behavior, and beliefs.

* We have a superior Infrastructure.

* There is no Personal Income Tax; State or Federal.

* Government financing taps into the immense wealth of our democratic system; draws from the most powerful special interest groups, and takes advantage of some of our most dangerous social habits.

* America is an active participant in global activities to save the planet, and to protect our democratic process.

It’s amazing what Common Sense and Voting Patriots can do!